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Children’s Book : Nanni’s Hijab

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Urban Fiction Novel: Bugaboo, a Love Unknown
Islamic Book: A Letter to My Daughter


“Nanni’s Hijab is well written, easy to read and a perfect teaching tool for both Muslim and non-Muslim kids. This beautiful story put a smile on my face, Alhamdulilah. The artist did an excellent job depicting the happiness and joy Nanni feels when she rocks her pretty hijabs. The colors are bold, vibrant and they set the mood for each stage of the narrative. I like that the story is realistic and gives real life scenarios and reaction, rather than a fairy tale point of view. I think it’s great that sister Khadijah AbdulHaqq Author tackled this subject. Inshallah, it will be a great resource for teachers and parents to read to the youth.”— Jamila Alqarnain, Noon Publications

Nanni’s Hijab was beautifully written. I loved the story so much. I am thankful that she (Author Khadijah AbdulHaqq) chose to read to our class. I can’t wait to see more (books) from her.”— Sister Mary Brown, Lead Facilitator for the Mothers Day Out program at Masjid As-salaam

Nanni’s Hijab was a wonderful book filled with lessons suitable for our young children to easily learn. It showed how Nanni was proud to be who she was even when others were putting her down. She showed that there’s more than one way to handle a bad or hurtful situation. My kids, even my teen, loved the book! I highly recommend this as a book that goes in every child’s personal library.”— Sister Gail Fripp, Motivational Speaker

“Nanni’s Hijab… is one of the most beautiful Islamic books I have come across… First, the illustrations will enchant children with full watercolor drawings that embrace the whole page. The expressions on the faces of the characters are vivid and get right through your heart. The soft pastel colors seize the innocence of youth. And the range of characters hints at a new generation of children books that take into consideration the diversity of the world. That’s very exciting. The story is well-written with lyrical prose.” — Sussu Leclerc, Author of Creating Unique Storyworlds

“The best thing about Nanni’s Hijab is that it teaches children how to deal with conflicts by problem solving. There are seven steps to problem solving: 1. Have a calm and clear mind. 2. Brainstorm possible solutions. 3. Make dua (and pray istikharah). 4. Select the best option. 5. Plan the steps needed to carry out the option. 6. Put it into action. 7. Review how it went. Nanni went through several of these steps.”— Jameela Ho, Ilma Education

“Nanni’s Hijab was valuable to read for several reasons. First and foremost, it can help children empathize with victims of bullying and with those of different backgrounds. It also tackles the issue of bullying, showing Nanni’s understandable urge to lash out, but promoting peaceful conflict resolution. This book has prompted conversation in our household several times already, and we only received it in the mail yesterday.” — Ms. VD, Glass of Wine, Glass of Milk#NannisHijab by Khadijah AbdulHaqq Author

“I’m not one for girly stories , but never judge a book by its cover. Nanni’s Hijab by Khadija Abdul-Haqq is a story full of girl power , life lessons and finding solutions to your problems. The bright , bold and confident illustrations are eye catching adding a bit of glamour and girliness. The more I thought about this book the more lessons I learned as a fully grown adult.” — Our Amanah, Our Future  

“Highly recommended and with a five star rating, I would suggest all moms along with their young girls must read this book as its a real gem that will teach your young Muslimah some very important traits and habits in life that they will need forever.”— Random Bytes From Life

“Hijab makes our life beautiful more than anyone can imagine.” — A Rat’s Nibble

“Nanni has to face things that she never thought she will. Her sincere love for Allah assists her to overcome her struggles like a true Muslim princess.”— DeenplusBook

“Mama: Did you learn something from the book?
Aisha: Yes, I learned that sometimes you get angry when people treat you bad but that doesn’t mean you should treat them bad as well.”— Naptime is Sacred

“This book is well timed and well needed in this age of islamophobia and hijab/niqab bans.”— Rayeesa Tabassum, A Muslimah’s Writings 

Nanni’s Hijab delves into concepts of bullying, dealing with a bully, and the consequences of bullying. The book touches upon seeking the Help of Allah and conveys a form of da’wah, which Nanni uses to overcome bullying by Leslie. A wonderful read for 6 to 10 year olds, although my 3 year old loved it too.”— Umm Afraz Muhammed Blog


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Blog tour: An Insightful Chat with an Accountant and His Artistic Wife

Greetings of peace! Today we have Dixon & Associates Financial Services with us to share some accounting, life and bookkeeping tips with us along with giving us a small peak into their lives.

Dixon & Associates Financial Services offers a full range of bookkeeping and accounting services for small to mid-sized businesses, as well as 501c3 organizations. The latter are also known as non-profit organizations. Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Isa Dixon.

HH: What is your background (Education, Work Experience) and where are you located?

IS: I am originally from the city of Philadelphia, but presently I live in Memphis, TN. My background is I have a BA in Management, a MBA in Accounting, and I am currently pursuing my Doctorate’s in Business. I have more than twenty years of accounting experience, and currently I am the Financial Director of a city in Desoto County, MS.

HH: Impressive, masha’Allah. How did you get started in this business and do you have online clients or do you only operate brick mortar?

IS: Well, I first started contracting as a consultant for a Temporary Agency and then I thought, “Hey, I can do this for myself without having to split my profits.” In the beginning, it was very challenging, but I found that most of that was not having the confidence that I could it by myself. After I worked out those kinks, I was able to build our business more confidently. As of now, I have some customers we conduct business with online, and I also have some customers that prefer face to face consultation.

HH: There is no telling that life gets stressful for people in the accounting field. How do you deal with the stress and what are tips you have learned by trial and error? I’m sure we can all learn something to live a more satisfying life.

IS: Yes, accounting can be extremely stressful because as you know, but I have found that listening to Qur’an or reading something beneficial can help alleviate some of that stress. As far as learning from trial and error, the best advice I can give you is to create a log book, similar to like in Management, that indicates the mistakes you made and how you went about resolving it. When you experience a mistake that you may have made previously, you can use that log book as a reference to solve that issue.

HH: Thank you for the tips. Now, Mr. Dixon, your wife manages the business, and she just published her first children’s book titled ‘Nanni’s Hijab’. Congratulations to both of you. It’s definitely an accomplishment to be proud of. How would you call her skills when it comes to managing your company and also being an artist while she is a Mom and a wife full-time? I mean it’s a load.

IS: Well my wife is an amazing woman. She has managed a family of seven for many years. So, I didn’t think it would be impossible for her to manage our business. Khadijah is a lady with many skills and if she desires a thing, there is no one who can deter her from achieving it. I think what makes her excel so well is her ability to compartmentalize her daily tasks. I watch her teach the children for a couple of hours, then tend to her book writing, then paint a picture or study school, cook for the family all while managing our businesses simultaneously. This is a handful, but amazingly she does it on a continuous basis. May God continue to grant her blessings with her time. Ameen.

HH: Ameen. Mrs. Dixon, you also go by Khadijah Abdul-Haqq so that the readers can easily the link with you and Mr.Dixon. No judging here *laughs* I go by many names as well. Anyway, congratulations on publishing your first children book again. Hoping you get your four unpublished novels printed one day as well because your recent work geared at cultural sensitivity is a timely piece. I can only imagine that the others will have entertaining content too. You must be busy! How do you handle business and life at home? Any tips for other writers and entrepreneurs out there?

KD: Well, raising my children is first priority. However, over the years I have learned to let go a bit and not to take everything so seriously. Everything is not an issue or a priority. If my dishes don’t get done right now, no one will die. So, if I want to write or paint, I just do it without feeling guilty about it. As far as the business and school, they are both priorities so I make sure to take care of those two things first, and then everything else.

HH: Thank you. To satisfy my curiosity and perhaps the readers too, why did you decide you write a children’s book on the Muslim headwear featuring a little African-American Muslim girl?

KD: If I could be a bit cliché for a moment, I believe Nanni’s Hijab was sent to me to write. I wrote Bugaboo, a Love Unknown an Urban Muslim Fiction story, but I became shy about releasing it. I also wrote a beginners Islamic Fiqh and Aqeedah book titled A Letter to My Daughter playing off of Imam Ghazali’s book, A Letter to My Son. I thought that it would be audacious of me to publish such a book, so I decided to hold off on releasing it. I needed something a bit more beneficial than the first books, but also something that would be considered a sadaqa jaariyah. So, like that Nanni’s Hijab was born. In today’s current social and political climate, it seemed like the perfect topic to write about.

Nanni had to be a native born Black American because that population is so underrepresented in the Muslim community as well as the Black community. We are a vibrant and active part of the American Muslim community. The Muslim community at large is under-represented and Black girls are of no exception. I have daughters, nieces and others little Black Muslim girls that need to see themselves in books.

HH: Wonderful. I pray that it’s used in schools and libraries to teach cultural sensitivity along with faith boundaries that the little ones, especially non-Muslims, can watch out for and learn to respect. Great job on Nanni’s Hijab. Nanni is a tolerant, creative, smart, and liberating character. I forecast that Muslims and non-Muslims alike will come to like her class.

HH: Back to you, Mr. Dixon. Where do you see your business in the next year? In the next five years? The next ten years? Any challenges your business encounters on a regular basis?

ID: Well my hopes is that our business will continue to grow and we can eventually encourage our children to take part in the business as well. Challenges will come, as in any business, but the important aspect is to overcome them when they do come. If I had to choose one problem that we face regularly, that would be obtaining clienteles. This is one of the hardest challenges to managing and marketing a business so if we are able to accomplish this feat incessantly, we will be able to move the business in a positive direction in the future.

HH: Thank you for accepting to be guests on our blog. We hope we can collaborate with you in the future for the benefit of our community God willing. Praying that more doors open for you ahead which will result in success in your business and your book, ameen. Please give us some social media links where the readers can learn more about your business and your wife’s new book. In peace.

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